Feedback Session

  • Dont show conference schedule at barcamp day everywhere
  • Speed networking
  • No time for changing room
  • Too big rooms for the amount of people
  • Bad setup for discussions (no front seating)
  • Security checks should be avoided
  • Provide hardware to stream your device (demoing your apps) during the session
  • 2nd room was too noisy, difficult to hear the speaker

  • Show pictures to explain barcamps

  • No information about trello beforehand, better upfront information
  • Encourage more people to speak by providing topics by other speakers beforehand
  • Title was sometimes not clear enough to make a decision about attending
  • Provide information about the technical setup

  • The SQL panel was good, it was good to know that one thing is happing on this day

  • Keep the barcamp, better organized

  • Barcamp is about spontaneous sessions by everyone, not the experts only.

  • At the beginning, let everybody introduce their topics.

  • Speed dating was good: 50%

  • Speed dating was bad: 1%

  • During IFA, don't care: 40%

  • During IFA, care: 10%

  • During Sunday, good: 50%

  • During Sunday, bad: 50%

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